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  1. DarkGSSJBeast 14wk 3d ago

    Quote by elisadevelon Thanks a lot for the fav! :)

    Innocence by elisadevelon

    You're very welcome ^^

  2. ghazalkashani 17wk 1d ago

    Quote by elisadevelon

    Quote by ghazalkashani Hello Elisa-chan :)
    a Assassins Creed fan huh? many members missed you in here and hope you will come back soon :)

    Hello Ghazal,

    yep, totally! AC rules! Hey, I am coming back, and I also hope that soon.

    Hello Elisa-chan :3
    I'm sorry for the real late reply, I couldn't use MT for a while and hope you'll come back too =3=
    awww why? why AC should rule? >w<' why? ;o;
    too many ACs x.x

  3. Huesin Moderator 26wk 5d ago

    Hello Elisa-chan~! Long time no see owo

  4. Monu-chan Elite Member 33wk 3d ago

    Something happened to our (mine, yours, and myri-chan's) user page. The images aren't showing... is there any problem on the site where you hosted the images? or something else?

  5. srsn 33wk 4d ago

    Thanks for the +fav on my wallpaper

  6. jakuro 34wk 4d ago

    oh woops its not vectored XD (nevermind me!) also hi :p

  7. Tanya2000 37wk 4d ago

    Quote by elisadevelon Thank you for another fav! :)

    The Color of Magic by elisadevelon

    You're very welcome :З

  8. Huesin Moderator 38wk 4d ago

    Quote by elisadevelonThank you Hue. Nice to be back. :)

    Life problems and nothing else much, I'm afraid. But hey, you know what I watched while I was away? Kiseijuu - and I loved it. It was awesome! So thanks for the tip! :D

    How about you? How's it going there?

    *glomps* You're welcome~ :3

    Oh.. life problems, huh. No wonder you dissapeared ._. I hope those problems go away soon and you come back to MT. Your friends miss you, you know...
    I have to re-watch Kiseijuu now. I'm glad you've watched it and liked it :D

    Me, I'm having some problems too, but everything's fine I guess... I've been too busy, and lately I haven't been watching anime, so any recomendations? :)

  9. Masterchief80 38wk 4d ago

    Thanks Elisadevelon for your favs.

  10. Monu-chan Elite Member 38wk 5d ago

    Quote by elisadevelon ok ok okkkkkk I gotta comment on this as well, riiiight? :D

    First of all, thank you so very much, Monu! *hug* I love it!

    I have nothing to add really; I pretty much just agree with what has already been written above. They should both be darker if it's night and they are only illuminated by some candles, but wow, Monu, I can tell you worked so hard on this. I can't even say how grateful I am. *teary eyes*

    You really made Lulu look like my cartoon self and this is so cool! Elisa stealing the sexy guy, hahaha. :D I love the colored lineart, the colors you chose, I love how you searched for goth to make the room to my liking, I love Alvaro's seductive look, I love the switch of lingerie (much sexier in your version, what can I say...), I love it all!

    The best gifts come from the best friends. Thank you so much again!

    P.S. *laughing at Pande's small font comment*

    Yup, Definitely wanted your comment! :D

    You're most Welcome! I'm sooo glad that you loved it :D

    Well, yes, they both should be more dark to fit in the room, and I tired to, but somehow they lost their charm by darkening. I'll add Alternate version with darker colors as soon as my laptop internet gets back. (Replying with phone atm)

    Haha, my first plan was more erotic than this wallpaper, drawing you and Alvaro all naked and private parts just covered by some foreground elements, but then I thought it would be too much so made this one. ;3
    I'm really happy to know that you loved all of it. :D
    And You're Welcome again! :D Plus Some thanks goes to Pande as well, she helped in background composition!

    And Where have you gone for this long? I was really worried, I hope everything was going fine in your side. I even tried to contact you through Facebook but no replies that made me even more worried. D:
    And Yes! *Glomps my sis!* Welcome Home!

  11. ndox900 38wk 5d ago
    thank you :]

  12. Huesin Moderator 39wk 0d ago

    Quote by elisadevelon Huehuehue

    Huehuehuehuehue owo" It's good to see you again on MT, Elisa-chan~

    So, what are you up to lately? :)

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