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  1. Tsasu 7wk 2d ago

    Quote by elisadevelon

    Quote by Tsasuwow it's a Christmas miracle (ignore that, it's a stupid inside joke I've been ruining with this week) :P , Elisa! You were close on beating the record but you were 1year shy (don't try to break it tho).
    *smirks* did you get your self in trouble, what got you all worn out?

    *grin* I think it's a good joke, maybe a bit sarcastic but still. Guess I deserve it for disappearing for so long. Aaanyways, I'm a decent lady so no trouble ;) but mostly life-got-in-the-way stuff. New position, waaaay more work and exhaustion. Hopefully, it'll get better next year. How about you?

    Yeah life sucks when that happens but meh now you got more cash to spend , so i'm guessing things didn't change much this year since I notice you haven't been on i a while. Things over here are so-so , things look like there getting much better but will see how long it will stay that way but for now i'm enjoying my days :3

    so tell me, are we gonna see some of your wallpapers this year or you gonna hog them all to your self? :P

  2. Painter 25wk 2d ago

    Quote by elisadevelonHi, Zix! Yeah, kind of... working from home till the end of this year so I don't have to travel to the office and I'm home basically the whole time.

    OMG! Does it mean that you could answer me moar? I miss your loooong messages! :* with hugging :3

  3. Monu-chan Moderator 25wk 2d ago

    Quote by elisadevelon

    Quote by Monu-chan A very belated Merry Christmas, Elisa!
    I hope you're having lazy and cozy winter holidays! :D

    Hello Monu! Belated from my side as well but also Happy Christmas and a New year to you!

    Yep, although till now we were visiting family and were visited by our neighbors with two lil' girls (aged 1 and 3) so that was quite some fun at our place :D

    Thanks :)

    Ahh glad to know you're having fun!
    My holidays ended earlier than expected so I'll have college from tomorrow D:

  4. Painter 25wk 2d ago

    Elisa! I saw your submissions on DA! May I suppose you've finally got some free time?

  5. Monu-chan Moderator 25wk 3d ago

    A very belated Merry Christmas, Elisa!
    I hope you're having lazy and cozy winter holidays! :D

  6. Hakaru Moderator 25wk 6d ago

    Merry christmas and a happy new year!

  7. Tsasu 25wk 6d ago

    Quote by elisadevelon Hey, Tsa! I guess I hold the new record for not replying -_- But I'm here and I'm aLI-I-IVEEE though it doesn't feel like it tbh *sigh*

    wow it's a Christmas miracle (ignore that, it's a stupid inside joke I've been ruining with this week) :P , Elisa! You were close on beating the record but you were 1year shy (don't try to break it tho) .
    *smirks* did you get your self in trouble, what got you all worn out?

  8. Shimazaki 26wk 5d ago

    Main reason was that the community is dead and hard work is not appreciated here, also i had the feeling that most people only fav they friends work and there no comments at all so it a waste of time to submit any wallpapers here. The once i didnt deleted were cause it was made with either help from others or for others

  9. Painter 26wk 6d ago

    Quote by elisadevelonAlso thanks for this comment, Zix! It makes me happy and sad at the same time. I missed you too but the happiness streaming from the comment is very contagious. :D I feel so loved <3

    Well, yeah, sunsets are simply marvellous. And I somehow fell in love with lighting effects so I might have overdone it ^^'

    Hey, I'm sure there'll be smth new from you soon :3 I'm just happy you've returned! Nothing else matters :ь

    I love lightning effects, too, they make the pic more full of life, eyecatching and interesting :3

  10. Monu-chan Moderator 26wk 6d ago

    Always love to see comments from you on my walls! :D
    Thankies <3

  11. Monu-chan Moderator 26wk 6d ago

    Quote by elisadevelon

    Quote by Monu-chan Yay! Love to see this wall here too! :D
    I love the colors, they're breathing amazing, and kinda gives a warmness in winter, lol.
    I loved the way you blended everything, especially that stock photo!
    I really missed seeing your work here! :'3
    Awesome welcome back with a blast just like armored titan! :D

    Yaaay, thanks for the sweet comment, Monu! :*

    Is it cold in India rn? You're closer to the equator than me and I imagine it's always warm there. :D

    You're welcome! :D

    Yeah it's cold here, well for us because we're used to hellish hot climate. 30+° are common for us so below 15° is super cold for us xD

  12. Monu-chan Moderator 26wk 6d ago

    Quote by elisadevelonYeah, similar to me so I feel sorry to see it wither. :( A lot to check indeed. But maybe slooowly I could do it.

    Hmm, yeah, today after 5 days at home I got tons of stuff to do. Contact 57 suppliers till the end of this year and ask them for price lists with an average of, I dunno, like 30 items per price file? It's so much clicking, downloading, copy-pasting and administrative work to do. *sigh*
    Anyway, thanks (also for the sympathy, lol). I'll keep my fingers crossed for you. I know how hard itps with laptops in this area.

    Hell, 60+? Sounds like my previous boss. I can't imagine reading so many in one year. How do you even manage to do anything else besides reading?!

    Oh no, you suffer from migraines? Poor Monu-chan. :( I had these for a time, but hopefully won't be coming back anymore. Hey, sounds like you were even busier and more exhausted than me! But congrats on those awesome results! I'm really happy for you and proud of you! Enjoy your holidays, too! :)

    Ha! Weight - everyone's enemy. We actually have a gym at work but I've never been there. Should try... If not gym, you can swim or play tennis, football, or whatever else. I think swimming is the best because you have to move your whole body.

    Ok, but I'll try to find the time to fix it. And to comment on Kaneki's portrait as well. :D

    Unfortunately we can't force anyone to participate, I talked a lot about it to Pande and Alenas last year. Take your time, when I became elite, I read so many mod forums to get used to things on my free time.

    Man, this sounds really hectic, I wouldn't mind doing things by my own, but when it involves other people I get 80% tired just by speaking to them. Plus a single mistake would be problematic. :/

    Lol, yes 60+, I mostly read from phone, so I indulge in books even if I have 5 minute spare time, and I binge read, now my reading speed is like 50 pages an hour, which is kinda less, in june, it was 70 page per hour, I finished 3 novels in a day in summer vacation! xD So whenever I have free time, I read, in bus, on busstop, while eating dinner, lunch, breakfast, to the point I cut myself from outside world when I'm not doing any college work. That's why I didn't make any walls even though my skills are far better than last year. I sort of stopped reading manga and watching anime this year too, reading and imaging gives a whole new experience, that I really need for more and more ideas.

    Yeah, last time we talked on facebook, I mentioned you that I'm suffering from brain zaps like things, they were symptoms of migraine, they got worse day by day. I'm glad they're gone for you. I was busy and exhausted more on mental level than physical, I've been having severe anxiety problem, and depression for no particular reason. I can say 2016 sucked a big time, gladly it's going to be over soon... But on other hand I want the winter break to lat till eternity xD

    I think, I'll go to gym and maybe running, don't know swimming plus no pool would be open at night and I'll probably catch cold because of jfc poor immunity... I really like skipping rope, so maybe I will do that too.

    Okay! I will be waiting!
    I should make something for you as a welcome back present! :DD

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